Thursday, December 02, 2004

online2004 - of blogs, and rss, not candlesticks and kings

I went to two superb masterclasses on Blogs and RSS. I have put the references to the presentations below. Go ahead and try them out!

Professor L.. Anne Clyde, The University of Iceland - Enterprise Blogging

By the end of this presentation I guess nearly everyone just wanted to get out there and build a blog. Anne covered uses, web uses, software to build them, etc etc. She said there is no research known to her on the business value of blogs- but there are 4.5 million blogs out there, so go to it

Peter Scott, Saskatchewan University - RSS for beginners

also Peter Scott's Library Blog

Really Simple Syndication, or whatever you choose it to mean, gives you a way to syndicate information [just like newspapers etc] , and how to be kept up to date automatically as news comes out, and websites change.

Peter made it all sound so simple, and it probably is! So lets do it.


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